The Services Provided by St. Joseph's Hospital, Choondal

Sr. Alphonse Maria CMC2010-2020

We are happy to inform you that the Golden Jubilee of this hospital was celebrated on May 2019 with Doctors, Staff, & common people of Choondal. On this joyous occasion, we have been blessed by the participation of the local people in holding hands and hearts with us to expand and extent our services beyond the boundaries of the hospital to deserving and needy people of Chooondal.

We can't begin to enumerate the services offered by this hospital without highlighting with joy and excitement the support, encouragement and cooperation we have received from the local people, shop owners, youth volunteers and various clubs of Choondal Panchayath area. The constant presence and support of the local parish priest, Ashram rector, Panchayath officials, local MLA and MP and our own committed doctors, nurses and staff added confidence and solace to our ministry of reaching out to the disadvantaged and forsaken people of this area.

We have been truly blessed by the presence and personal encouragement of Mar George Alencherry, Mar Andrews Thazhath and other dignitaries of the Church and political and civil leaders.

None of these would have been possible without the involvement, constant presence and support of our Mother superior and community sisters and staff. Finally we thank God whose grace and blessings accomplished through our fragile, unsure and unsteady hands things beyond our imagination, comprehension and resources. Blessed be his name!

Here are a few of the services that we have managed to execute with the assistance of the above-mentioned people of good will and generosity:

▪ We have conducted a number of free medical awareness camps in the suburban areas of Koonammoochi, Mattom, Chittattukara, Kechery, Parapur etc. The purpose was to create awareness of the importance of detection of blood group and symptoms of cancer diseases among people especially the lower strata of society.

▪ Health care camps for children were conducted periodically. During this time, polio vaccine and preventive medicines in order to control seasonal diseases were also provided.

▪ To inculcate in ordinary people health care awareness and maintenance of hygienic surroundings, classes and seminars were conducted and during which free supply of medicine and vitamin tablets were distributed.

▪ In order to modernize medical and surgical technologies and quicken the diagnostic and response procedures the hospital is upgraded with a new Operation Theater and other ancillary departments have been added or modified.

▪ The Hospital has also been providing food, medicine and accommodation free of charge to real deserving people of the local community and some others with financial difficulty at a concessional rate. This has been done irrespective of caste or creed as part of the foundational mission of the hospital.

▪ During the flood calamity that battered Kerala in the months of August and September, 2017, this hospital quickly sprang into action to provide relief to the affected people by setting up a flood relief camp, providing free ambulance services, free hospitalization, supply of bed sheets, clothes, stationery items and food grains. We were glad we were able to reachout to the grievously affected people of Alappuzha district with our services.

▪ We managed to build two houses and hand over to two poor families of this area.

▪ The additional facilities we have added to the hospital are: New Golden Jubilee Block, Doctors Quarters and 2 Lifts in old Block.

▪ We want to thank the Lord for the Best Hospital award we received from Mar Andrews Thazhath, Archbishop of Thrissur Archdiocese.

▪ Humbly we acknowledge that we were honoured by Justice Kurian Joseph, T N Prathapan MP, Murali Perunnelli MLA and Pouravali in Choondal for being the Best Administrator with a Strong and Good person.